wall drawings

walk of lines

a field of lines, well trodden paths, a horizontal journey back and forth across boundaries
strong lines and delicate lines, moving slowly or racing along.
A field of stories.
lines witness presence
leave traces of thoughts

The drawing is a performance that takes place before the exhibition, the lines tell the story of an event that took place in the past:
I use a variety of pencils, silverpoint and the well known white Tipp-Ex correction tape to create a subtle field of movement in shades of grey. Walking along the wall, I hold the pencil and with each line I cross an invisible boundary:

a slight unevenness inserted into the gesso layer below the lines acts like an invisible threshold within the drawing. It creates a subtle disruption of the flow, a barrier encountered on the way that one can hardly see, but manifests itself in each line as a mark, a slight distraction in the path of the pencil:

A tiny squiggle and blank spot in each of my never-ending lines are witness of form and space.