Kiki Stickl paintings and drawings are about space, movement and landscape in the sense of a more abstract and extended ‘mind’-scape. Exploring the relationship between the self and the world Stickl paints and draws sceneries of lines, colour and movement.

Awareness, simplicity and authenticity are the defining qualities in Kiki Stickl’s drawing:

A white sheet of paper with a few lines and a strip of masking tape can perfectly describe a space. A thought, a feeling in the back-end of mind expresses itself through the motion of a pencil, circles and lines circumscribe and a space that exists in the artists mind at that very moment in time.

Power and fragility reverberate in the empty space of that sheet of paper, the drawing is evidence of an incident: like gravitation waves in the universe a drawing tells a hidden story.

In her painting Kiki Stickl maps fields and spaces, sometimes blurred as if seen from a train at high speed, contrasting with layers of clearly defined expanses of colour.

The eye delves into the depth of the painting and seems to get lost. Time and space are the two dimensions that define her work. Kiki collects impressions outside in daily life and uses these as the raw material for her studio work. Photographs of landscapes, street markings, newspaper cuttings, images of torn down billboard posters or whitewashed shop windows: the ‘incidental’ drawings and painting she finds out there find their way into a broad painted vision of the world, where the seen landscape transforms into a poetic space. A vision where even the smallest details, a brush stroke or a simple line each tell their own story and at the same time merge with layers colour, to form an overarching sense of an inner space, that of the mind.